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What we can do

Compact or complex, the scope of size and content is limitless. Business, Portfolio, Media, Brochure, Non-Profit, Educational, Personal, Portal and Wiki are some of the types possible. Website design is our forté.

A Mobile website that feels like a Mobile Phone Application on smart devices but works on a desktop as a regular website. Can be installed on hand held devices from the Apple and Google App Stores.

eCOMMERCE We have a cost effective way of selling a handful of items through your website. Don't spend huge amounts on an ecommerce site when you don't need to. A PayPal setup is the way to go.

PROCUREMENT Have remote multiple locations that need to order from a central source? Sales people in the field that need to place customers orders? A customised solution is possible that follows your business rules.

WORDPRESS We do Wordpress too.

START Check out our range of budget friendly compact website possibilities that you can expand on later.

what we can do to Help You

Desk-top & Mobile Websites / eCommerce and more.

We design and build clean, compact, cost effective websites for small and medium enterprises locally. Fully adaptive between Desktop computers and Mobile devices. Our task is to do all the technical stuff and give you advice on best practices to get your business on the Internet. Contact us and we can front up and discuss what's the best path to success with your very own website. We will help you decide what's right for your business. Follow the guide below for advice on how to proceed. We explain, in easy terms, what each stage and process is and how we can build a website design that will make you stand out from the crowd.

A Guide to Getting
Website Design

Desk-top & Mobile Websites / eCommerce

Below is a how-to-guide for anyone interested in starting their own business website. Learn how to get a company website design. Market your business the best way possible with an internet presence. What to do and how to buy a website. Flip between different pages to get what you need. Read from front to back to learn it all and make a considered decision for your Business.

why a Website

Customers will expect to find your business on the internet and will have some doubts about using you if you do not have at least an informational website. It gives your business credibility and trust and is a recommended government initiative for SME's.

first Stages

First you need a domain name like www.mywebsite.com.au. Then you need a place to park it, a web server, where everyone can access it. You place the pages on web server that you want the world to see.

creating Pages

Before filling the pages with content the structure of the whole website needs to be created. In discussion with the web developer make a decision on what you want to say. Your notes on business strengths and customers will be useful.

tech Stuff 

We work in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ASP, PHP, SQL, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, blah, blah
and lots of other boring code stuff. But, we love it !

what we've Done

Newcastle NSW Web Design


A how-to-get-there guide for parts of Eastern Tibet: from Yushu to De-gé.

Newcastle NSW Web Design


Software, Mobile Games, Mobile Applications and AR / VR

Newcastle NSW Web Design

Fencing WA

Specialised fencing contractor based in Perth, Western Australia.

Newcastle NSW Web Design

Dash Solutions

Commercial and Digital printing, based in Silverwater, Sydney NSW

Newcastle NSW Web Design

ClassMoto Tokyo

A Web Application as part of a university English Language research project.

Newcastle NSW Web Design


Mental Health Services procurement portal for marketing materials.

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